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RulesFest 2010

Rules Fest 2010 is around the corner so don’t hesitate to sign-up, San Jose Oct. 11-14th. It is a great opportunity to meet the leading thinkers behind rules technology, learn about the latest innovations and get deep insights into the technology that drives rules-based applications; from loan origination systems, to fraud detection to complex event processing.

Free Session: In-the-Brain of Mark Proctor on JBoss Rules – July 11

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Session Details are as follows:
Talk: JBoss Rules
Speaker:Mark Proctor, JBoss Rules Lead (blog)
Date: Wednesday, 11th July 2007
Times: 18:30 – 20:30
Skills Matter
1 Sekforde Street
London EC1R 0BE
Google Map
Registration: Register for this Free In-The-Brain Session on JBoss Rules here

International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications Launched

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RuleML-2007 is a new international meeting place for users, system providers, practitioners, developers, researchers and representatives of rule/event standardization efforts and open source rule communities to discuss the applicability and commercialization of rule technologies for enterprises and public organizations including event-handling rules.
Co-located with the 10th International Business Rules Forum (, the International Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007) is the first symposium devoted to work on practical distributed rule/event technologies and rule/event-based applications which need language standards for rules operating in the context of, e.g., the Semantic Web, Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems, Event-Driven Architectures and Service-Oriented Computing.

Participants will be offered an exciting venue to exchange new ideas, practical developments and their experience on issues related to the engineering, management, integration, interoperation and interchange of rules and events in enterprise application systems and open distributed environments such as the Web. RuleML-2007 will also enable delegates to better understand rules and event processing technologies and their potential, and how to exploit these technologies in their organizations.

The symposium will be held in Orlando, Florida, US, October 25/26, 2007 and will feature scientific research, industry, and demo papers and presentations, case study and practical experience presentations, show cases/demos presented in a RuleML-2007 Challenge and Invited Talks.

Symposium general chair Said Tabet, Inferware Corp., said “I am very pleased to announce the launch of this symposium. After a series of successful RuleML workshops and conferences, this is a new kind of event where the Web Logic community joins the established, practically oriented Forum of the Business Rules community to help cross-fertilizing between Web and Business Logic technology. Given the increasing maturity of rules and complex event processing technology, the RuleML symposium is an exciting venue to exchange new ideas, practical developments and your experience on issues related to the engineering, deployment, management, integration, interoperation and interchange of rules, and to discuss the commercial benefits that rules and event processing technology will deliver.”

To share your ideas, results, and experience and learn more about rules Technology, RuleML-2007 invites all of you, including:
?‚?€¢ IT Services, Rules and Event Processing system providers
?‚?€¢ Representatives of, and participants in, rule standardization efforts
?‚?€¢ Members of open source rules communities
?‚?€¢ CTOs and Strategists of technology firms
?‚?€¢ Information Architects and Strategic Technology Planners
?‚?€¢ CIOs and Information Technology Managers
?‚?€¢ Venture Capitalists and Investors
?‚?€¢ CEOs of software startups
?‚?€¢ Product Managers from software and hardware companies
?‚?€¢ Data Analysts from major public and private organizations
?‚?€¢ Academics and Researchers
?‚?€¢ Software Developers
?‚?€¢ Press and Analysts
?‚?€¢ Technology Consultants

For further details please see the Symposium website
For more information please contact:

Chris Robinson to Speak at the 2006 Business Rules Forum

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Chris Robinson to Speak at the 2006 Business Rules Forum on Implementing Haley’s Business Rules Management Suite
HealthMarkets, a $2.2 billion insurer in the self-employed and student markets, implemented a business rules application to improve risk management and increase field agents’ productivity. HealthMarkets selected Haley’s BRMS to power DigiQuoteTM, a proprietary tool used by agents to develop policy quotations in the field. Chris Robison, VP of Technology will speak on:

How using a BRMS improves outsourced development, reduces risk and decreases time-to-market
How business rules automate decisions support and improve field agent training
Compliance benefits of business rules
Advantages of natural language business rules
Lessons learned in implementing a BRMS

Click here to learn more about Healthmarkets and Haley

Mortgage Technology Trends: MISMO Webinar

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Haley presents a webinar on business rules opportunitues within the the mortgage industry, and the MISO standard.
Come see how Agile Mortgage and Haley are helping organizations like Platinum Direct maximize profitability through solutions that promote business agility and supporting application flexibility through use of technology rooted in the MISMO standard.

Date: August 29, 2006
Time: 11:00 am US Eastern

Featured Speakers:
Phil Coppney, President – Agile Mortgage Solutions
Bob Ross, President – Platinum Direct ?‚?€“ Correspondent Lending
Diana Englemeyer, Director Business Development – Haley Systems

Click here to register

Send questions in advance to

British Computer Society: Spring Lectures

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There is still time to catch a couple of the session in the BCS SPA lecture series on Business Rules, Business Processes, and SOA.

You can check the programme here:

Business Rules Forum 2005

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The conference agenda for BRF 2005 has been published and is available here:

It is great to see this showcase conference for business rules getting bigger and better!

Business Rules Market Adoption: Survey Results

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If you are near Hartford Conneticut, USA on May 10, you can check out the COOUG meeting on Business Rules Market Adoption: Survery Results.

Meeting details:

Summary of findings:

  1. Many Fortune 500 companies are piloting applications using a BR approach, some without the use of a business rule engine
  2. Vendors need to catch-up to the demand for products assisting with BR approaches (tools, training, and consulting)
  3. Understand your business culture, and your expected ROI, as well as the maturity of the BR tools and support available before you proceed
  4. BR development priorities appear to be in areas where:

    • decision consistency is critical
    • business change (application volatility) is above average
    • transaction volume is high (i.e. loan eligibility, insurance underwriting)
    • Solution quality and time-to-market business drivers alone can justify a BR approach, in addition to any potential technology cost savings.

The Knowledge Place Seminars

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The Knowledge Place has planned a series of seminars (in German) on the Business Rules Approach:

  • Business Rules Management – Sept. 8th 2004
  • Business Engineering – 28, 29th Sept. 2004
  • Ganzheitliches Management in der Praxis – 21, 22nd Oct. 2004
  • Der Business Rules Ansatz – 2, 3rd Nov. 2004

For more details visit

Business Rules Forum 2004 Schedule and Presenter Abstracts Now Available

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This year?‚?€™s expanded program includes a focus on business processes and
emerging trends as well as real-world experiences. The schedule of events
for this year’s Forum is now available at the Conference website:

Our four Conference tracks this year are:

  • Getting Started in Business Rules
  • Methodologies and Techniques
  • Smart Business Processes
  • Emerging Trends

This year?‚?€™s line-up of pre-Conference tutorials on Sunday afternoon and Monday
is an especially strong one, offering a larger selection of practical topics
than ever before. Tutorial and keynote presenters include Ronald G. Ross,
Terry Moriarty, Barbara von Halle, John Zachman, Roger Burlton, Gladys S.W. Lam,
James Sinur, Terry Halpin, Marty Saulenaus, Silvie Spreeuwenberg, and Jan Vanthienen.

Users to Talk about their Business Rule Success Stories

The Forum continues to focus on real-world case studies from companies that
have been implementing the Business Rule Approach. These companies include…

  • Fidelity National Financial
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • WA St. Dept of Social and Health Services
  • First American Field Services
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Oregon PERS
  • Freddie Mac
  • Purdue University
  • … and more.

More companies will co-present with the vendors whose products are instrumental to
their success.

Product Derby Redux!!

For each of the past two years, the Business Rules Product Derby has been a highlight
of the Forum. This year, two new vendors, ILOG and Ecomnets, join two returning
participants, Fair Isaac and Sapiens.

Monday night, these four vendors square off showing their solution to the same case study.
We provide the case study. You decide which vendor best meets your criteria for a
business rules product.

Business Rule Product Vendors Join the Forum as Sponsors

Sponsors will demonstrate their products during the Vendor Exhibition on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The Forum?‚?€™s sponsors include:

  • Diamond: Fair Isaac, ILOG, Sapiens
  • Platinum: Ecomnets
  • Gold: Computer Associates, Business Rules Solutions, Inastrol, Pegasystems, RulesPower
  • Silver: Expert Systems International (ESI), Mindbox
  • Endorsements by:, BPMI.Org, PC/AI Magazine

Forum Co-Chairs: Ronald G. Ross, Business Rules Solutions, LLC and Terry Moriarty, Inastrol.