TermWare-2.1.0 released

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TermWare 2.1.0 is released. This is JSR-94 compatible rule engine, based on ‘rewriting rules with actions’ paradigm.

YASU’s QuickRules BRMS introduces Business Rules to NetBeans and JBI Community

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YASU Technologies announced today the availability of the Beta program for QuickRules-NetBeans product, making it the first Business Rules vendor to provide business rules development and management within the award-winning NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

HYDERABAD: YASU Technologies has announced the availability of the Beta program for QuickRules-NetBeans product, making it the first Business Rules vendor to provide business rules development and management within the award-winning NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The QuickRules product is aimed at bringing business rule authoring and management capabilities to SOA-based applications using the NetBeans Enterprise Pack. Integrated with JavaTM Business Integration (Java BI) standards and the NetBeans platform, the toolkit provides business rule management environment for Open ESB based SOA applications. Decision automation capabilities using Rete Rules, Decision Tables (spreadsheet like rules) and Flow Rules are now available to your SOA applications from NetBeans Enterprise Pack. The QuickRules-NetBeans version will be formally released in the next few months.

Satish Madhira, CEO of YASU Technologies, says, “We are excited at the prospect of introducing world-class Decision Automation products to the NetBeans and JBI community. Porting our existing Java-based product to run in a JBI container was straight forward; we look forward to the possibility of integrating with other JBI compliant platforms.”

“Community involvement has been invaluable in our development of NetBeans and Open ESB, and we are very happy to have YASU’s business rules engine as a part of the ecosystem that we have created around these and our commercial Java CAPS product,” said Dale Ferrario, vice president, SOA Business Integration at Sun.

If you are interested in participating in the Beta program, please click:

The NetBeans IDE is a free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers. The IDE runs on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, Solaris and the MacOS. It is easy to install and use straight out of the box. The NetBeans IDE provides developers with all the tools they need to create professional cross-platform desktop, enterprise, web and mobile applications.

About YASU Technologies
YASU, a pioneer in the Business Rules Management Solutions (BRMS), provides business rules solutions for both Java and .NET platforms. QuickRules BRMS platform provides advanced tools for business analysts and developers enabling business rule modeling, analysis, implementation and management with advanced tools for analysis and simulation of business rules. QuickRules Java Standard Edition is easy to integrate into SOA centric applications through its strong support for Web Services and rule definitions directly on XML schema.

Patronage by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), International Truck and Engine Corporation (ITEC), Scottish Power PIC, Bank of New York, Bombay Stock Exchange, Discovery Holdings, JPMorgan Chase, WebMD, Columbia Insurance Group, Combined Insurance Company of Australia, TransAmerica Occidental Life Insurance Company, Express Capital Lending, Home Loan Center, QUALCOMM Incorporated, Volubill, Deutsche Post AG, Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH (LTL) and such 140+ customers and 30+ (Resellers and OEM) partners worldwide has placed YASU among Fast 500 Asia Pacific winners. It is closely monitored by analyst firms across the world.

You can evaluate the QuickRules BRMS suite of applications at

Review: ILOG JRules, Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor and JBoss Rules

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Simon Bisson has written a nice high-level review of JRules, Blaze and JBoss Rules for Reg Developer.

Read the article at:

Fair Isaac’s Blaze Advisor 6.5 Targets Business Rules Lifecycle

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Blaze Advisor 6.5 integrates new features to help business users better verify and validate the completeness and consistency of rules across the rules lifecycle, significantly increasing the accuracy and reliability of the inferencing process.

New capabilities include enhanced verification of rules and procedural logic, such as user-defined functions to identify gaps and overlaps. Users also can validate rules through regression testing against expected values. The publication process including these verification and validation steps as well as stakeholders’ approval is managed by Blaze Advisor 6.5 in the new Rules Lifecycle service. Projects can be promoted from development to production according to documented and automated processes.

In addition, version 6.5 features tight integration with Model Builder for Predictive Analytics 3.5, Fair Isaac’s software platform for developing and deploying predictive models. The integration allows for greater transparency and enables the swift and flexible movement of models from data analysis into effective decision management via Blaze Advisor’s enhanced Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) import capabilities. PMML is the most widely deployed data-mining standard for describing statistical transformations and predictive models.

A scorecard, regression or neural network model built in Model Builder can be directly deployed within Blaze Advisor rules flows without recoding. Any authorized business user can apply analytics as an essential decision element that can be seen, easily modified and combined with other decision elements prior to execution, in a single process.

Read the full press release at:,frameless.htm

JRules 6.5 adds SOA Support and Semantic Queries

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Key features and benefits:

Easy integration with SOA?‚?€”ILOG JRules 6.5 provides the ability to expose a deployed rule set as a transparent decision service?‚?€”without coding?‚?€”to achieve the SOA promises of agility and cost reduction. Decision services created with ILOG JRules 6.5 are transparent because the BRMS helps eliminate the “black box” created by standard programming practices, allowing businesses to fully benefit from an SOA approach.

Industry-first semantic query?‚?€”Query the rule repository to determine the impact of a policy change without worrying how the rule might be written. Developing semantic queries is easy, so there is less training and support required for non-technical users. This feature improves productivity, simplifies business policy maintenance, and increases business value.

Read the full details at:

Or an article from InfoWorld at:

OpenLexicon 1.04 Released

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Lexicon Enterprise Inc. announces a new release of their Open Source BRMS, OpenLexicon 1.04
LexiconEnterprise Inc., announces a significant new release of its open source business rules management system (BRMS): OpenLexicon.
After many positive experiences with our partners and the user community, LexiconEnterprise has revised the software product and the project web site. We believe this development offers many benefits for new and returning users.
In addition to a significant new release, we have completely revised the project?‚?€™s web site at Features of the web site include a simple installation utility for the OpenLexicon server plus forums tutorials and documentation.
OpenLexicon Version 1.04 features enhanced web services for SOA and business rules integration, a simple way to export and control your projects plus many, many other features
About OpenLexicon
OpenLexicon is an open-source business rules and business process management tool released under a modified Mozilla Software License. See
About Lexicon Enterprise, Inc.
Lexicon Enterprise, A leading provider of open source business rules management and business process management software is headquartered in Alexandria Virginia See

New release 3.5.1 of Visual Rules focuses on Usability

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The German software vendor Innovations Softwaretechnologie today announces the new version 3.5.1 of its business rules management system Visual Rules.

Visual Rules is an intuitive and high-performance business rules management system for developing business rules – as part of agile software. Business logic is modeled graphically and automatically translated into Java code. It can also be provided as EJB or invoked as Web Service.

The new version 3.5.1 focuses on Usability. It provides two powerful new functions for even more usability and flexibility in the definition of business rules:
Users can now quickly import very big and complex data models as the basis for the modeling of business rules. This acceleration is enabled by a highly reduced memory footprint of rule models. Visual Rules actions are now able to directly process Java objects of any type. Because of this new capability, actions can now execute domain-specific tasks.

It is now available for downloading a free test license.

New features of Visual Rules 3.5.1:
- Low memory footprint and quick import even for very complex object models
- Implementation of domain-specific actions that can handle any type of Java object

With Visual Rules it is possible to quickly define, visualize, manage and automate business rules. Graphical modeling of business rules is especially intuitive and possible without technical know-how. The flow of business rules is formulated explicitly in the model. This approach corresponds to the way people think. Thus the business analyst is given the ability to model and maintain business rules himself.
IT experts directly integrate business rules into operational systems and thus create the necessary transparency, flexibility and traceability of business logic for competitive companies.
Integrated quality management ensures that only those rules that are completely tested and logically correct enter production.

Visual Rules is certified as a plug-in, among others, for Eclipse and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

The forum aims at supporting communication among users as well as with the Visual Rules team. All users are invited to participate!

Visual Rules in Practice
Visual Rules is today being used by many customers across the world and represented by an international partner network. A selection of the references are the U.S. company Wyndham, offering luxury hotel & resort accommodations; the German HypoVereinsbank (part of UniCredit); Deutsche Boerse Systems; the Specialist of Asset Management Solutions Odyssey Financial Technologies (located in Luxembourg); ZafinLabs, an IT specialist for Finance Solutions located in the UAE and the Rand Merchant Bank of RSA. The range of applications includes rating of credit risks, the configuration of banking products up to causer-faire accounting of IT services according to ITIL.

Porting of Business Rules Engine to i5/OS

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Haley Systems, a developer of business rules management systems (BRMS) for organizations in the financial services, healthcare, government, and manufacturing industries, recently ported its flagship BRMS server to run under the System i’s native operating system, i5/OS. With HaleyRules 5.4, i5/OS shops gain a way to offload much of the business logic from legacy systems, and move this decision-making capability to a separate rules engine designed to be more flexible and easier for business users to change.

For example, consider a typical mortgage lender that runs an RPG- or Cobol-based loan origination program on an AS/400, iSeries, or System i server. When the company decides that it needs to change the rules dictating whether or not it’s going to offer a loan to an individual, it would often require a programmer to go in and re-write the procedural code to reflect the desired change in business logic. This can take a lot of time, effort, and money to accomplish, and make the company less responsive to changing business conditions.

Read the Full article in IT Jungle at:
Four Hundred Stuff

Apply Business Rules to Your Apps

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Ty Anderson has written a nice article for DevX on ILOG Rules for .NET and its integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Read the full article here:

QuickRules.NET 3.0 Product Videos Released

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QuickRules.NET is a leading BRMS available for the Microsoft .NET platform from YASU Technologies.

The QuickRules.NET Product team has released extensive videos of the 3.0 version of the product. More than 2 hours of videos covering the Rule Builder, Rule Repository are now available.

1. Go here to watch the QuickRules.NET Videos
2. You can also visit the QuickRules.NET home page